Stonehouse Antiques is very pleased to announce that it has joined with “Transit Systems” to offer affordable, nationwide shipping availability for our entire catalog. TSI has been in the furniture shipping business for over 20 years. They’re professional shippers, so across the state line or across the country, they can handle it. Whether it be commercial or residential, no problem.

Here’s how it works:

Contact Stonehouse with your inquiry and request a shipping quote. We will require a location zip and several simple questions be answered about the delivery conditions. We will measure and weigh the item, determine packaging requirements and contact TSI with the information. They provide us with the shipping quote which we will share with you. The only extras are packaging and/or shipping supplies as needed. You know in advance the total costs. Once the item/s have been prepared for shipment, they’re picked up at our designated shipper warehouse and shipped. When the item/s arrive at the local terminal, usually in a few days, you’re contacted by the carrier for a delivery appointment. Items are tailgate delivered to your address, prepaid. You only need receive them! It’s as easy as that!
Welcome to Stonehouse Antiques ! 
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