Lovely small bench
Lovely small bench
Boot jack legs, interestingly shaped, hardwood construction, possibly maple 
Dimensions: 13" x 6" x 7" High
Stock# 09-85
WAS $69.00 > NOW $50.00
Knife box
Knife Box [09-121]
Early knife box, old red paint, some wear on edges as shown. Shown as found.
12 x 7 x 3 ½ High  (1 pound)
WAS $89.00 > NOW $75.00
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Shaker Box
Shaker Pantry Box  [09-136]
Smaller sixed pantry box, good color and patina, solid w/lid
8” Diameter x 3 ½” H
WAS $85.00 > NOW $69.00
Cheese Box
Early Lidded Cheese Box [09-142]
Large round lidded cheese box, stenciled to (illegible), solid and sound
15” diameter x 14” High 
Hanging Pie Safe
Early Hanging Pie Safe [09-143]
Screened door, smaller size, original finish with good patina.
31” W x 14 ½” D x 28 ½” (Body) /36 ½” H (Overall)
Primitive Dough Box
Primitive Dough Box
Primitive Early Dough Box with Lid  [09-147]
Great color and patina, loose lid, solid, no rot. Small bite missing in 1 corner of lid.
34” L x 16 ½” W x 11 ½” H 
$125.00 CAN SHIP UPS
Painted Pie Safe
Rustic Painted Pie Safe  [09-154]
Early painted pie safe, painted white with stenciled figures, metal screens sides & front. Shown as found
37 x 17 ¾ x 51 ½
$300.00 as found
18th Century Hooded Cradle  [09-152]
Wonderful antique cradle in exceptional shape given it’s age. Imagine the stories it could tell! 
Probably Poplar or Yew wood, additional rockers have been added at some point in it’s lifetime, but they also have very good age. Solid and complete.  
34” x 24” W (rockers) x 26” High
$175.00 / Pair CAN SHIP UPS
Table Top 5 Drawer Cabinet
Table Top 5 Drawer Cabinet  [09-150]
3 Smaller drawers and 2 Larger Drawers, good color and patina, solid walnut body, original pulls
32 ¾” x 14” x 13 ¾” High
18th Century Hooded Cradle
18th Century Hooded Cradle
Set of 4 Graduated Grain Measures
Set of 4 Graduated Grain Measures
Set of FOUR (4) Graduated Measures  [09-164]
Nice early bentwood grain measures set with brass tacks. 
14 ½ x 8, 11 ½ x 6, 8 ¾ x 5 ¼, 7 x 4 ½ 
$250.00 Set
Small Painted Bucket
Early Country Bucket
Large “BEST OF ALL” Bucket with Lid & Label
Cheese Press
Early Cheese Press  [09-163]
Solid Oak cheese press to remove water when making farmers cheese. Soda can shown for size comparison. 
10 ½” Diameter x 5” High
Large "BEST OF ALL" Bucket with Lid & Label  [09-162]
Circa 1920’s Fruit Extracts bucket with original tin lid and paper label.
13 ½” Diameter (base) x 12 ½” High
Early Country Bucket with Handle  [09-161]
Solid Pine, great patina and age, steel bands and handle. Soda can shown for size perspective. 
9 ¾” Diameter x 8 ½” High
Small Painted Bucket with Handle  [09-160]
Cute little bucket in old white paint. Solid oak (I think!). Soda can shown for size perspective.
7 ½” Diameter x 6” High
Rustic Wooden Stool
Rustic Steam Punk Wooden Mold
Rustic Steam Punk Wooden Mold
Standing Pie Safe
Rustic Steam Punk Wooden Pulley Wheel
This would have attached to some piece of non-powered machinery, and a belt would have gone around it and back to a drive motor of some sort, Quite possibly a tractor to drive the machine.
18” Diameter x 3 ½” Thick
Rustic Wooden Stool
Well worn and distressed, solid.
16” x 16” x 24” High
Early Standing Pie Safe
Yet another barn find, originally grain painted, but well worn. 1 Full shelf inside and I upper board also. Screened on 3 sides and actually a latched and LOCKABLE door with the key.
33 ¾” x 16 ½” x 47 ½” H
Rustic Primitive Hanging Shelf
Rustic Wooden/Iron Swing?? Take best guess
Rustic Wooden & Iron ???  [09-185]
I have no idea what this is! Clearly it’s made to hold or carry something.
Take your best guess or please advise if known!
19 ½” x 6” x 10” H
Rustic Primitive Hanging Shelf  [09-180]
Very good age and patina on this early open wall shelf.
24 ½ x 8 ¾” x 29 ½” H
Rustic Small Balance Scale
Rustic Small Iron Balance Scale  [09-179]
Same barn as all the other stuff, had multiple balance scales and meat hooks. I think they used to process game there. Solid iron, hooks upper and lower, adjustable weight. Soda can for reference. 16 ½” L x 8” W (hooks)
Tree Trunk Butcher Block
Country Chimney Cupboard
Country Chimney Cupboard
Country Chimney Cupboard  [09-174]
Likely an early 20th Century Bathroom cabinet. Lower section contains a ventilated tilt out compartment, (laundry? Wet towels?) and upper section has a beveled glass doored cabinet, most likely a medicine cabinet. Center between them is open to carry a pitcher and bowl?
18” W x 17” D x 32 ½” / 69” High
Tree Trunk Butcher Block  [09-173]
The name and photo says it all. Great look! Great Patina! Be the first in your neighborhood!
25” diameter x 34” High
1907 Steam Oven with Original Book
1907 Steam Oven with Original Book
1907 Steam Oven with Original Book
Steam Oven dated 1907 with Original Instructions  [09-175]
“CONSERVO” Steam oved, patent dated Feb 5, 1907, including original instruction book, 2 handles, 4 shelf racks and 2 pans.12 x 12 x 20
Rustic Country Wall Cupboard
Rustic Country Wall Cabinet
Solid pine, 2 interior shelves, thumb-turn latch
16 5/8” W x 7” projection x 22” Tall